Hello! You’re no doubt here because you’re thinking about a newborn photoshoot for your baby.

Perhaps you’ve done lots of research on styles, packages, prices and products of newborn photographers around Halifax, Brighouse and Huddersfield, or maybe you’ve only just heard of newborn photography and want to know more.

Either way, you’re in the right place to find out and make sure you have all you need to make the right choice for your family.

In this post I’ll share some of my secrets from my studio newborn sessions that photographers don’t always tell you.

Because ultimately, you’re about to make an important choice.

If you’ve done your research, you’ve no doubt read time and again that newborn shoots are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And that’s because it’s true – you just can’t turn back the clock and retake better photos of your brand new baby! It’s also an investment for you, your partner, and in years to come, your baby to look back on.

So, let’s crack on and take a closer look at my studio newborn photoshoots.


Why do newborn photoshoots have to take place within the first two to three weeks?

Every newborn photographer will tell you that newborn sessions usually take place while your baby is under two to three weeks of age, but do you know why this is?

There are several reasons for this: Firstly, while babies are very new, they are much easier to settle to sleep. Secondly, they’re also much less likely to suffer with problems like colic and baby acne during this time.

After the first two or three weeks their spine starts to straighten and they stretch out their little arms and legs, meaning they’re less likely to be comfortable in cute poses like this one:

If you’re anything like me, you may now be thinking: “That’s all great, but how on earth will I manage to get out of the house for a photoshoot so soon after giving birth?”

I get it – when my first baby was born I don’t think I left the house for ten days straight. I worried about everything from feeding my baby in public, remembering everything we’d need, changing her while out and about, even just functioning as an adult human seemed tricky considering the sleep deprivation!

The good news is that as a specialist newborn photographer, I have built my studio experience specifically around very new parents.

Visiting my newborn photography studio, just a short drive from the centres of Halifax and Brighouse

Often a visit to my studio is the very first outing a new family takes together.

There’s the ample free parking right outside the door. I’ll supply a selection of drinks and snacks for you to enjoy, as well as essentials for babies and new mums. The studio has a comfy sofa for you and your partner to relax on during the shoot, and soothing music for a lovely chilled out vibe. Everything is in place for a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

Throughout the shoot, the studio will be warm and cosy to keep your little one comfortable. It’s not unusual for even Mums and Dads to have a snooze at some point!


Now for the cute bit – poses and setups!

If you’ve had chance to look at my newborn gallery or facebook page, you’ll have seen that I offer a range of setups during each shoot, for example:

A newborn baby boy sleeping on his side on a blanket.
A newborn baby girl lying on a cream faux fur rug wearing a pink headband and wrap.
A black and white image of newborn baby boy sleeping in a wooden bowl, wrapped in a fabric wrap, taken during a newborn photoshoot near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Normally, once you’ve got settled in the studio and picked out which setups and backdrops you’d like, I will ask you to feed your baby. If they fall asleep after this first feed, your session will start with poses on my specialist newborn beanbag. In preparation for this I’ll ask you to undress your baby down to their nappy and keep them warm in a blanket while you feed and cuddle them until they are settled.

Before we start I will ask you what kind of poses you’d like to get. Usually I begin with the more natural poses, and from there I will read your baby’s cues to find the positions they are most comfortable and settled in.

As I work through the poses and setups I’ll take a few different shots from a variety of angles and distances, and some with and without your chosen accessories.


My newborn photography sessions are totally baby-led – here’s what that means

Throughout the shoot you’ll see me constantly checking your baby is happy and safe – if there is even the tiniest change I will adapt my workflow to their needs – basically they are the boss!

Here’s something else not all photographers will tell you… at some point during the shoot your baby might be wide awake and alert, and there’s nothing you or I can do to get them to sleep deeply and position them safely into poses.

If this is the case don’t worry  – I don’t try and fight it, I just ensure they’re happy and comfortable and get some lovely awake shots instead. I can switch my workflow around and chances are they’ll nod off at some point and you’ll have a lovely mix of images to show for it.

And of course, if your baby needs another feed, or even just some extra cuddles, there is plenty of time for that. Sessions can last up to 4 hours and the studio is yours exclusively on the day you book – I’ll never be rushing you out of the door because my next client is due to arrive.

So, that is a baby-led session – constantly ensuring your baby is happy and safe above everything else. And I don’t just rely on my own experience as a mum of two and photographer of hundreds of babies, I keep up to date with newborn-specific safety training.

black and white photo of a newborn baby girl taken in a minimalist and natural style

What About siblings and parents?

 All my studio newborn sessions include the opportunity for parents and sibling poses.

In my experience, as a new mum you may be thinking “there’s no way I want to be photographed so soon after having a baby!”

It is of course natural to feel this way and there is no pressure to be in any photos if you really don’t want to be. First and foremost I want your session to be relaxed and enjoyable for you.

However, a picture of you holding them could be one of the most precious gifts you ever give your baby.

an image of new parents proudly holding their newbarn baby girl. Taken during a newborn photoshoot with parents near halifax in the UK
New parents sitting in front of a black backdrop holding their newborn baby on their knee and looking down at them. Taken at a newborn photoshoot with parents near brighouse in west yorkshire
A new dad cradles his baby daughter in his arms during a newborn photography session near huddersfield, west yorkshire

If you’re feeling less confident, I have a few possibilities up my sleeve for you to be photographed with them in a way you feel comfortable with and that show the connection you both have. These images will surely be the most treasured by your baby in years to come.

One way is to photograph your baby held in your hands or arms, like the images below. Another is you simply cuddling your baby in your arms. I like to keep these parent shots simple – after all the only thing that matters in them is your new little family!

a black and white image of a newborn baby and her parents arms supporting her, taken during a newborn baby photoshoot near brighouse west yorkshire
A sleeping newborn baby boy wrapped in a dark grey wrap, with the arms and hands of his parents and siblings holding him. Image created during a newborn baby photoshoot near Hebden Bridge, Halifax, West Yorkshire
Image of newborn baby girl sleeping in her parents arms on a black background. Taken during a newborn photoshoot near Halifax, West Yorkshire

For sibling images your new baby will be wrapped up safely – I find big brothers and sisters don’t want to risk being peed on, however much they love their new baby!

a newborn baby wrapped in a pink wrap, laid on a blanket with her big brother and sister. Taken during a newborn photoshoot with siblings in halifax west yorkshire.

The exciting bit – your viewing appointment!

A couple of weeks after your shoot, we’ll arrange a convenient day and time for you to come back and have a look at your beautiful finished images for the very first time.

This appointment is as important as your session, as it’s where your images really come to life. First, you’ll enjoy a bespoke slideshow so you can see all your images large on screen. Then, when you’ve dried your eyes, you can view them all side by side as small prints and make your selections. There are no pushy sales tactics and we can take all the time you need to choose which package, collection or products you’d like.

So, whether you love the idea of a fine art album, want gallery-quality products for your walls, or simply some digital files, I will help you find the products that you and family will treasure forever.


Ready to book your newborn photoshoot?

Hopefully this post has given you a real insight into how a newborn photoshoot works, and what to expect on the day. If you’re ready to book or have any other questions, simply click the button below to send me an email.